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How to Build An Amazing Team

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Join me on 8/20 to learn how to build an amazing team.  This one hour online webinar will teach you how to create a culture that fosters the development of an amazing team.  Beginning with the hiring process and continuing through training and development, and daily interactions, you will learn the keys that are needed to keep your team engaged, motivated and willing to do whatever it takes.  Click the link below to learn more and register. Cost $50 + tax.

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PMI Community of Practice

Topic: There are Three Types of Mindsets: Which One are You?

Had a wonderful time presenting at the PMI Community of Practice on the topic of mindset.  If you missed this session and want to receive a copy of the PowerPoint slides, email us at [email protected]  We are happy to provide you with a copy.

More training and educations are in the works!  Check back to find out what new training is offered and how you can grow your skillset. 

Personalized Consultation

Looking for direction on a project?  If so, you are in the right place.  Falls Consulting LLC offers a one-hour consultation where we will examine the project in detail, identify areas of strength and opportunities, and help your team get started. By answering a few pre-consultation questions, we will map a plan to effectively implement your project.  One-hour consultation is $99+tax.  Additional services are available too.

Contact Falls Consulting LLC at [email protected] to schedule the one-hour consultation today.

AmpliFund: The CARES Act 2020: 8 Experts Weigh In

I am very pleased and honored to be one of eight experts featured in an article for AmpliFund titled 

The CARES Act 2020: 8 Experts Weigh In 

by Rachel Bennett. Thank you Amplifund for inviting me to participate and be apart of a great group of grant experts.

Click the link below to hear from the experts! 

Making a Difference one Client at a Time

I am a wife, mother, professional, mentor, speaker, and collaborator who is firmly committed to doing what is right. I value relationships. Hailing from the Midwest, I follow a strong work ethic I learned from my parents. I continue aspiring to be a better version of myself every day.  

Working in the health care industry has provided me with the opportunity to be exposed to project management and grant management. With more than 12 years of experience in these fields, I am better able to manage a variety of projects ranging from complex, multi-million, and multi-year projects to smaller-scale one-year projects.

I have a passion for developing others and helping them reach their full potential.  I love the opportunity to help you and your team grow and develop. I offer workshops on leadership, team development and a various project management and grants management topics.   

"Becky has the knowledge and expertise to take your scattered strategies for growing your business and setting them in place so that each move you make you can confidently know you are moving in the right direction."

- CJ Wehrkamp, Owner of Fit Body Boot Camp

Professional Services 

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Training & Education

Education and training are key to successfully implement any size project. Falls Consulting offers training on project management and leadership. 


Looking for a speaker or facilitator for your next event? Contact Falls Consulting to provide presentations on various topics from communication, stakeholder engagement, project management, team building, and leadership. We love to share our knowledge with others and help your employees grow.  Contact Falls Consulting to learn more.

Project Management

Have you been tasked with a project or a new initiative however not sure where to start?  No worries.  Falls Consulting has a solid track record of managing all sizes of projects.  We will teach you the basics of project management to help you get your project moving in the right direction. Do not stress about looming deadlines, contact Falls Consulting today! 


 Have you been thinking of applying or managing a grant but not sure what do?  We  offer grant services depending on type of funding and your organizations industry. If we are unable to help you with your grant needs, rest assure we will direct you to the right resources.

What Else our Customers are Saying....

"My team and I have a lot of lofty goals for the new year and was feeling overwhelmed on where to start, how to stay organized, and how to prioritize our tasks. I signed me and my team up for one of Becky's Project Management Workshops at Falls Consulting LLC. Becky gave us so many good tips and tricks that were easy to understand and applicable for our team. The materials that Becky gave us are still keeping us motivated and organized! I highly recommend Becky and Falls Consulting LLC for any of your project management education needs! Becky's follow up after the class is priceless; she will exceed your expectations and keep you on top of your game! "

Maggie Miller, Hegg Realtor

Mission Statement

Falls Consulting LLC

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the work of empowering organizations to elevate the value they provide for their clients.

St. Lambert's School Playground Project

"I was so appreciative of the help Becky gave in writing a grant for our school. She was instrumental in guidance with the type of statistical information that supports the need for a grant awarding. With her assistance a

well-written grant was submitted."

- Colleen Davis, Principal at St. Lambert's School

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